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Electrical Equipment (Fl 32000 - 32999)


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Navigators Lamp


N/A FL 32260-2
Mounting Bracket for Navigators lamp


N/A FL 32260-3
Warning light, Red

Ar96B, Do24 T,

N/A FL 32262-2
Instrument panel light

DFS 230,

N/A FL 32266
Cockpit Lamp - Kabinenlampe

Fw190, Bf109

N/A FL 32267
UV Cockpit Lamp - Kabinenlampe


N/A FL 32269-1
Cockpit Hand Lamp

N/A FL 32276
Electrical Cut out switch

Ar79, He72, JuW34,

N/A FL 32301
Landing Light Switch

He46, JuW34, Ju52

N/A FL 32303
Main Circuit Breaker

He111, Ju87

N/A FL 32315-1
Main Circuit Breaker

Bf108 B1, Bf108D, Ar96B, Do24 T-2, Do335, Fi156, Fw190 A1-4,

N/A FL 32315-2
Landing/navigation/panel Light Switch

Fw44,Bf108 B1,

N/A FL 32316

N/A FL 32324

N/A FL 32329
Position switch (2 positions)

FW190 A1-4, Fw190 D9, Ta152 H-0,

N/A FL 32331
Hauptschalter für das Bordnetz

N/A FL 32333-2
Position switch (4 positions)

N/A FL 32336-1
Throttle Leaver with switch for propeller pitch control

Bv 155, Fw190 A1-4,

N/A FL 32337
Instrument homing switch


N/A FL 32345
Landing light or tail trim switch

Ar234, Bv 155, Do355, Fw190 D9,Ta152 H-0,

N/A FL 32346
Propeller Jettison switch


N/A FL 32349-2

Bf108D, Bv 155, Do355, Fi156,

N/A FL 32350
Temperature Sensor

N/A FL 32359
Dimmer Switch

Fw190 A1-4,Ta152 H-0,

N/A FL 32401
Dimmer switch

Ar96B, Ar234B-1, DFS 230, Do355, Fi156, (Used with Navigators hand lamp)

N/A FL 32402-1

N/A FL 32403-3
Automatic Switch

Bu181, DFS 230,

N/A FL 32404-1
Automatic Switch


N/A FL 32404-3
Electrical system automatic switch


N/A FL 32408
Dimmer Switch

Ju52, Do355,

N/A FL 32416
Volt Meter

0 - 40v FL 32500
Amp meter & Voltmeter


N/A FL 32502-4
Amp Meter

N/A FL 32509-2
Visual Indicator

JuW34, Ju52, Bf108 B1, DFS 230, Do24,

N/A FL 32525
Visual Indicator

Bf108D, Ar96B, Bv155 V2, Bu181, FW190 A1-4,

N/A FL 32525-3
4 Lamp undercarriage position indicator

Ar79, Ar96B,

N/A FL 32526
Ignition warning light, White

Do355, Fi156, FW190 A1-6, Fw190 D9,Ta152 H-0,

N/A FL 32529
Ignition warning light, Red

Ar234 B-1, Ta152 H-0,

N/A FL 32529-1
Armed Indicators

Fw190 D9

N/A FL 32530
Pitot tube visual indicator

Ar234B-1, Bv 155,

N/A FL 32530-6
Pitot tube visual indicator


N/A FL 32530-7
12 Lamp undercarriage & landing flap position indicator

Bf110, Ar234, Fw190 A1-4, 

N/A FL 32532

N/A FL 32563

N/A FL 32605-1
3 pin Connector instrument plug

N/A FL 32615-2
Socket ?

N/A FL 32618-6
2 Connector instrument plug (used with electical temperature sensors)

N/A FL 32627-1
3 Connector instrument plug

N/A FL 32628-1
Lamp - Aircrew

N/A FL 32752
Plug Block

N/A FL 32777-1
Electrical Connector Plug (used with electrical temperature guage)

N/A FL 32615-3