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Navigation Equipment (Fl 23000 - 23999)

Pilots Compass - Fuhrerkompass


Aircraft Used In Range FL Number Thumbnail No. For Sale
FK10/32 Magnetic Pilots Compass


N/A FL 23210
FK5 Magnetic Pilots Compass

Ar79, Klem KL35 Early DFS 230, Fi156,

N/A FL 23211
Z7gk Magnetic Compass

Erla 5D, Klem L25D

N/A FL 23220
Lk 6 "Small Emil" Magnetic Compass

Bu131 D, Bu133, Do24,

N/A FL 23226
Plath Z 7g Magnetic compass

Fw44, JuW34

N/A FL 23227
FK38 Magnetic pilots Compass

Ar79, He72, Ju52, Klem KL35, Bf108D,Ar234B-1, Bu181, DFS 230, Fi156,

N/A FL 23233
OK 38

N/A FL 23234
AK39 Wrist Compass - Armbandkompass


N/A FL 23235
OK42 Emergency compass with light


N/A FL 23238

Navigation Instruments


Aircraft Used In Range FL Number Thumbnail No. For Sale
Lkg 2r Course Selector

Ar96B, He46, JuW34, Ju52, Bf108

N/A FL23300
PFK-F2 Repeater Compass

Ar96, Ar234 B-2, Bf109, Bv155, Do335, Fw190, He219, Ta152, Ju87, Ju388, Me262, Ta152 H-0,

N/A FL23334
PFK-F3 Repeater Compass

Ju52, Do24, Go229, He111, Ju88, Bf110, Me262, Do24,

N/A FL23338
PFK-B3 Repeater Compass

Ju52 mg5e,

N/A FL 23339
Course indicator for distant reading compass


N/A FL 23345
Feed Nozzle for turn and bank indicator

DFS 230,

N/A FL 23400
Slide with aircraft data placard & deviation tables

Ar96B, Bu181,

N/A FL 23501
Lkz 1p Course Deviation indicator

JuW34, Ju52, Bf108,

N/A FL 23351
Lkz 5p Course Deviation indicator

Ju88, He46

N/A FL 23354
Variometer compensator

DFS 230,

N/A FL 23360
Repeater Compass


N/A FL 23371
Repeater Compass


N/A FL 23374
PFA/R DF Repeater Compass


N/A FL 23470
DBS1 sliding tray for operating detail


N/A FL 23501
Lku 4 Gyro Compass - Kurskreisel


N/A FL 23561

Navigation Aids


Aircraft Used In Range FL Number Thumbnail No. For Sale
Libellen Oktant

N/A FL 23750
Navigators Lamp


N/A FL 23752
Navigators Set Square


N/A FL 23816
Navigation Computer - Dreiechrechner

Most Bombers

N/A FL 23825-2
Bo-UK 1 Clock

Bu133, Bf108D, Ar96B, Ar234B-1, Bv155 V2, DFS 230, Do24, Do24 T, Do355, Fi103, Fi156, Fw190 A1-9, Ta152 H

N/A FL 23885
Kienzel 8 Day Clock

Bu181, Erla 5D, He72, DFS 230, Fi156,

N/A FL 23886
Nav Vordruck K6 Deviation Table

Bu131, Klem KL35, Bf108D, Do24, Do335, Fi156, Fw190 A1-4, Ta152 H,

N/A FL 23906