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Observation & ranging Equipment (Fl 52000 - 52999)


Aircraft Used In Range FL Number Thumbnail No. For Sale
Revi 3C Transport Case - The FL number for this item was used to refer to the case and gun sight as a complete item

N/A FL 52080
Revi 3C Transport case, Empty

N/A FL 52081
Revi 3C Transport case, Contents lable

N/A FL 52082
Revi 3C Gun Sight

N/A FL 52085
Revi C12/d Gun sight

Fw190 A1-4

N/A FL 52095
Justierschlüssel - Related to the Revi 3C

FL 52105-4
Mutterschlüssel - Related to the Revi 3C

FL 52105-5
EZ42 gun sight

Bv155 V2,

N/A FL 52218
ZFR-3A Telescopic sight

Bv155 V2,

N/A FL 52513-2
Revi 16D Gun sight

Do335 A-0 & A-1

N/A FL 52598
V4 - Navi 3

N/A FL 52783
Stuvi 5B Bomb Sight

N/A FL 52870
Revi 16A + B Gun sight transit case

N/A FL 52950
Revi 16B Gun sight

Bv155 V2, Fw190 D9, Ta152 H-0,

N/A FL 52955
Revi 16B Mounting bracket

Bv155 V2, Fw190 D9,

N/A FL 52982